Customer Referal Program

Here is an opportunity to make some extra cash!!!

We have set-up a customer referral program to help promote our services. If you refer a business, association or non-profit organization to us, you will receive a guaranteed 15% referral fee.


Simply refer our services to someone you know or you can provide us with the name and email address of a person who might be interested in our web design services. If that person contacts us and it results in a project for our company, we will send you a cheque in the amount of 15% of the total cost of the project.


Everyone Benefits

The great thing about our referral program is that everyone benefits – you, our new client and our company.

Example Referral Fees

On average our website design projects “start at ₦35,000 and up” so you could earn the following referral fees just but by referring our company to someone that needs a website:

  • ₦35,000 Web Design Project = ₦5,200 referral fee
  • ₦50,000 Web Design Project = ₦7,500 referral fee
  • ₦100,000 Web Design Project = ₦15,000 referral fee
  • ₦150,000 Web Design Project = ₦22,500 referral fee
  • ₦250,000 Web Design Project = ₦37,500 referral fee

…and so on


More Referrals Means More Earnings

After 3 successful referrals, you will automatically qualify for a free Corporate Branding Service.

How We Keep Track Of Referrals

We always ask new clients if someone has referred them to our company. If the referral results in a project, we will contact you right away. We record all our referrals in a customer referral tracking system.

Make A Referral Today!

If you know someone in your work setting or social circle that needs a website, just send us that persons name & email address and we will get in touch with them. Or you can contact them directly and let them know about our web design services. Either way, you will be eligible for a 15% referral fee.

You could also fill the form below with your details and the details of the customer who is interested in a website service and we will contact them.

Details of Customer you are Referring


Your Contact Details



For more information contact us on 08058398280