Graphic Prices

Our prices are some of the most competitive around. The range and starting price depends on 4 things…​

1. Project Type: Some  of our projects are quicker such as business card design, some projects like brochure take more time.

2. Number of Concepts: All of our starting packages allow for 1-3 concepts, but if you’re not sure what you need or like yet and want to see numerous ideas before making a decision, then more design time is involved!

 3. Number of Revisions: Things change, that is inevitable, but the more you know upfront the less revisions there will be.

4. Turnaround Time: Do you need it tomorrow? We might be able to swing it, but that means other jobs get pushed back and we work into the nights… it should be no surprise tight deadlines may end up costing you more.

Price List


Starting at ₦15,000 for 3 concepts, 2 revisions and includes the PDF, PNG and JPEG files.

Business Cards

Starting at ₦10,000 for 2 concepts, 2 revisions, PDF print ready files (without printing)


Starting at ₦25,000 for 1 concept, 3 revisions, PDF, PNG and JPEG files (without printing)

Email Newsletters

Starting at  ₦15,000 for 1 concept & 2 revisions. 


Envelope & letterhead design starting at ₦10,000 for 1 concept, 2 revisions, PDF, PNG and JPEG files​ (without printing)

we offer many more design services from vehicle graphics to product packaging, so if it’s not listed, request a quote!